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Matt Lauer and Al Roker are fearless—perhaps a little too fearless for their own good!

The Today cohosts took on the luge track at the Sochi Olympics, and after a successful first run sliding on the ice, they decide to have another go. Unfortunately, though, their second luge attempt didn't go smoothly--at all.

As Matt (on top) and Al (on the bottom) careened down the track, it was clear their luge was veering from its correct course. There was a lot of momentum behind them as it crashed into the walls on both sides, but things got really scary as the luge approached an incline and began to slide backward.

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Luckily for the Today twosome, Team USA luger Matt Mortenson was nearby. The athlete, who said Matt and Al's initial collision with the wall "sounded like a car crash," came sprinting to the rescue. Matt jumped onto the track and physically prevented the luge from sliding backward in the wrong direction.

"I was really worried that the sled was actually going to tip over which would've been really painful," said the Olympian.  "I was just worried about you guys going backwards—that's why I wanted to get to you as fast as I could."

Fortunately, he was there to save the day! As for Matt (Lauer) and Al? "We're going to turn in our spandex now forever and try something a little tamer next time," said Matt, describing the experience as "terrifying there for a while."

"I don't know how fast we were going, but it felt like 300 mph and it felt like it lasted for a week," he added.

Thank goodness everyone's OK!

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