House of Cards


Binge-watching is the hot new date night activity!

Well, it is this year as House of Cards premieres its highly anticipated second season on Friday, Feb. 14 aka Valentine's Day, with all 13 episodes available to Netflix subscribers at once. 

And when E! News chatted with stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright, Spacey made the case for why couples should order in, throw on their sweats and marathon Frank (Spacey) and Claire (Wright) Underwood's continuing rise to power.

"You can cozy up to your loved one and see what Frank and Claire are up to and it's very romantic," he explains. 

But in true Underwood fashion, the duo was quite deceitful in answering what viewers can expect from their characters' complicated relationship in season two. 

Spacey jokes, "I think more horse-training, I think a little more stunt-driving and some more explosives." As for Claire, Wright teases a new career: "I'm opening a bakery," she says with a laugh. "Underwood muffins! Bipartisan pound cakes!"

But Wright was very serious when talking about getting back to work on season two, saying she gets "anxious" being away from the cast and crew. "Like, 'When's school starting?' But school that you love. It's a real family we've created…it's the most collaborative work I've ever done."

House of Cards' first season was a smash hit for Netflix, receiving four Golden Globe nominations (with Wright winning the award for Best Actress in a Drama series) and nine Emmy nominations. Plus, Netflix has already renewed the show for a third season.

But Spacey admits he's still surprised by the series' success.

"I'm always taken aback," he says. "First of all, I'm always taken aback by things that are successful that I think are just crap and then I'm completely surprised when things I do end up being successful because you walk into things and you never know...t's just really remarkable."

House of Cards season two is available on Netflix on Friday, Feb. 14.

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