Blake Lively has been laying low recently but she was willing to brave the spotlight for an old friend. On Wednesday the actress made a rare appearance at pal Michael Kors' Fall 2014 show at New York Fashion Week.

The star gushed to us that to pair go way back. "I'm a huge fan of his but he was really the first person who brought me into the fashion world. It was my first big event in New York. It was a big deal because it was Seventh on Sale and I had just started my show [Gossip Girl] so no one knew who I was."

Oh, and he's also partially responsible for her landed a Vogue cover. That's not something a girl forgets! "He's always been like a good friend and an ally. He introduced me to Anna [Wintour]."

Even before the twosome became buds, Blake was a huge admire of the American designer's work: "He understands that simplicity is really sexy. So there's nothing too complicated about his designs or his shapes yet that doesn't mean they are not entirely innovative," she gushes. "He's able to keep the woman as the focal point and emphasize her best outfit rather than the outfit overpowering the woman."

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