Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Prince William


Prince Charles attended a London conference on illegal wildlife trade earlier today.

The 65-year-old was joined by Prince William and Prince Harry and all three royals stepped inside Lancaster House together shortly before it began.

The Prince of Wales gave a speech asking the group to "take urgent action to put a stop to this trade, which has become a grave threat not only to the wildlife and the people who protect them, but also to the security of so many nations."

He added, "To be frank, it saddens me deeply that I have found myself having to play a part in helping to bring together this very important gathering.  

"A little over a year ago, a group of presidents from Africa…approached me and made an impassioned plea for help. The situation they described was indeed dire."

Earlier today, the Duke of Cambridge teamed up with Yao Ming, David Beckham and WildAid for series of PSAs urging people not to support the illegal wildlife trade—which means you should never purchase rhino horn, ivory, or shark fin. 

The public service announcements, targeted at China and Vietnam, were released at the same time that the conservationists met in London.

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