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Shippers, stand down—the time has come to announce the winners of our Hottest TV Love Triangles showdown!

Thousands of you voted in our megapoll, which pitted fan favorite pairings against each other to settle once and for all which couple belongs together.

And now, we're excited to finally reveal the winners of the 12 intense matchups, some of which were neck and neck right until the very last second of voting, while others were not even close. (Sorry, Piz!)

Without further ado, here's are the victorious couples, ranked from closest to least close (Again, sorry Piz!)...

Teen Wolf
Allison and Scott: 51%
Allison and Isaac: 49%

Emily and Jack: 52.86%
Emily and Aiden: 47.14%

The Originals
Hayley and Klaus: 54.75%
Hayley and Elijah:  45.25%

Olivia and Fitz: 56.17%
Olivia and Jake: 43.83%

Mary and Bash: 60.54%
Mary and Francis: 39.46% 

Sleepy Hollow
Ichabod and Abbie: 64.52%
Ichabod and Katrina: 35.48%

The Vampire Diaries
Damon and Elena: 64.97%
Stefan and Elena: 35.03%

Once Upon a Time
Emma and Captain Hook: 70.12%
Emma and Neal: 29.88%

Grey's Anatomy
April and Jackson: 76.50%
April and Matthew: 23.50%

Oliver and Felicity: 76.55%
Oliver and Laurel: 23.45%

Veronica Mars
Veronica and Logan: 78.26%
Veronica and Piz: 21.74%

The Mindy Project
Mindy and Danny: 78.55%
Mindy and Cliff: 21.45%

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