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Bitter, party of us.

Hey, if we're single and alone this Valentine's Day, we at least want to see some steamy action going down on TV between ridiculously attractive people. Too long we've been denied some liplockage on The Originals, The Vampire Diaries and The Walking Dead, and our patience is running out for certain hookups (Ahem, Once Upon a Time and The Good Wife!) to go down again.

That is why we are putting our list of TV kisses that need to happen before the end of the season out into the universe. Consider this a gentle nudge while writing your season finales, showrunners. (Please, thank you and you're welcome!)

1. The Mindy Project: In our dream world, the Fox sitcom returns on April 1 exactly where it left off in its midseason finale: Mindy and Danny's liplock in the back of the plane.

2. The Originals: Hayley and Elijah. Or Hayley and Jackson. Or Hayley and Klaus. Hayley and anyone, basically.

3. The Vampire Diaries: Stefan and Caroline's first kiss is right up there with oxygen and food (well, just bacon, really) on things we need to survive.

4. Arrow: Felicity and Oliver, feel free to act on your obvious feelings for each other in between salmon ladder training and taking out Starling City's bad guys. Kthxbye!

The Good Wife


5. Once Upon a Time: We're sure Captain Hook and Emma haven't stopped thinking about kissing each other again since their steamy first liplock. We haven't stopped thinking about it either.

6. The Good Wife: Will and Alicia hate sex needs to go down. Immediately.

7. Parks and Recreation: Donna and anybody ‘cause our girls needs some loving.

8. Teen Wolf: Scott and Kira's romance is so sweet and innocent, despite the fact that he's an alpha werewolf and she's a kitsune, that we can't wait to see their first kiss. Ah, young love. We're suckers for it.

9. The Walking Dead: The world is just so bleAk and depressing on this show, so a kiss between Daryl and Carol would go a long way in restoring our hope. (Is this guilt trip working?)

10. How I Met Your Mother: Come on, we've been waiting since day one to see Ted and the Mother's first kiss as man and wife. Don't let us down, HIMYM! We'll take Robin and Barney's first kiss as a married couple, too.

Which hookups are you hoping to see happen on the small screen by season's end? Weigh in in the comments below!

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