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In honor of Valentine's Day, this edition of Spoiler Chat has a ton of romance scoop…and some death. What? We've got to represent the best of both worlds, right? Not everybody finds love on Valentine's Day!

There might be some new love blossoming on two very different comedies, a death on a beloved returning drama and a whole lot of a trouble on one of TV's longest-running shows.

OK, enough teasing, let's get on with the spoiler goodies!

Claire: Please help! Law & Order: SVU is off because of the Olympics and the scoop last week wasn't enough! I'm being greedy, but I'm begging here!
All you had to do was ask! Rollins is really in trouble when she gets caught up in an illegal gambling ring. Like, really in trouble, as in we're not sure how she'll still be a detective when this is all said and done. Mama bear Benson is not going to let this slide.

Kelsey: I nominated The Mindy Project in Save One Show about 50 times, so I think I deserve a reward!
Yes, yes you do! How about that The Social Network's Max Minghella will return as Danny's little bro in episode 21 with his new boyfriend? Gotta love the Castellano family.

Phillip: So excited for Hannibal to return! What can we expect?
A death! One of the series' major recurring players will die by episode 10. Want a hint? It's a female character. That's all we're giving you!

Teen Wolf, Dylan O'Brien


 Stacey: Where does Teen Wolf go from here?! Please tell me Stiles isn't going to die, I'm hearing rumors!
Silly, silly TV viewers. Don't you know rumors are for kids? Or, um, fans on Tumblr and Twitter? "It's about dealing with are we going to be OK with that if [Stiles] does  [die] and the fallout of this evil spirit being in him and what is the consequence of that," Holland Roden spills of the rest of the season at Guess' Fall 2014 Road to Nashville collection at New York Fashion Week. But will this evil spirit squash any chances of a Lydia-Stiles romance for the time being? Roden teases, "Lydia likes bad boys, so now that Stiles is one…dot, dot, dot."

Lauren: Any Switched at Birth scoop would be much appreciated!
A definitive answer to one of this season's burning questions: Will Bay and Emmett finally get together? "This is a very juicy season. Bay has this ongoing romantic, not romantic, will-they-or-won't-they relationship with Emmett," Vanessa Marano previews at Guess' celebration for the Fall 2014 Road to Nashville collection during NYFW. "But it definitely ends up somewhere."

Henry: What's up with my favorite scientists on The Big Bang Theory?
Raj is on the dating web site prowl once again and will meet Emily. Is love in the air, again?

Sam: Got anything on Parenthood? I need a good cry soon.
In episode 21, "I'm Still Here," we'll meet Michelle, sister to Kristina's good friend Gwen. Gwen's taken quite the turn for the worse. Kristina also sets up a meeting with Mayor Bob Little. For what? You'll have to tune in.

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