There is literally no better feeling than waking up and finding out that school is canceled for a snow day (then immediately going back to bed, obviously). Except there is: Finding out you're getting a snow day from your rapping principal.

Durham Academy Principal Michael Ulku-Steiner and Assistant Principal Lee Hark announced a recent snow day with a silly (now viral) video where the two rewrote the lyrics to "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice (a sample lyric: "Polar Vortex has a hold of us tightly / Wind like a harpoon daily and nightly.")

It's worth noting that though the kids did not attend classes that day, they still got schooled, rap battle-style. (It is also worth noting that apparently this Academy has a super-hot faculty.)

We're old enough that this kind of corny stuff is hilarious. The middle and high schoolers that attend Durham probably just thought it was embarrassing. But whatever, you got a snow day.

We're also far enough removed from our primary education that it is SO weird that teachers have Twitters and blogs now. Back in the day, we didn't even know our teachers had a life outside of school. What a weird world we live in now!

Congrats on your Klout score, Mr. Hark!

So what's next? "We were thinking about a rain delay message using Milli Vanilli's 'Blame It on the Rain,'" Principal Ulku-Steiner joked to CNN. (Meanwhile, we didn't even know rain delays were a thing. Kids these day are so lucky).

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