Katy Perry Dark Horse Video


What a tease!

Katy Perry has just given us a sneak peek at her upcoming music video for "Dark Horse," and the gal is obviously going the Cleopatra route.

"According to legend there was a magic queen in Memphis, Egypt," reads a scroll at the beginning of the Egyptian-themed clip. "Every eclipse, kids would travel from Brooklyn to Babylon to win her heart. If she fell in love, you'd be top dawg. If she didn't, her wrath would leave you whimpering. Her name is Katy Pätra."

The preview ends with a set of doors opening up to reveal Perry dressed up very much like the aforementioned famed pharaoh...and sporting one crazy grill!

"Dark Horse," the third single off of the 29-year-old's Prism album, features rapper Juicy J, who spoke to MTV News about working with Perry.

"She's really a genius," he said. "She was by the mixing board and telling the guy what to take in and take out. She's really hands-on with her music. She knows music."

Meanwhile, the full "Dark Horse" video is set to premiere on Feb. 20.

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