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Hey Michael Sam haters, Dallas sportscaster Dale Hansen has had quite enough of your bulls--t.

Sam, an All-American defensive end from the University of Missouri, could soon become the first openly gay NFL player as he's expected to be drafted as early as the third round. He came out earlier this week, and while lots of people have been celebrating his decision, it's also caused an uproar over his presence in an NFL locker room and whether the attention he's getting will negatively impact his career. 

Well, Dale Hansen, a Peabody Award-winning reporter who has been in the sports world since 1985, had some stuff to say about that during his sport segment on ABC's Dallas affiliate station. After recapping Michael Sam's big week, Hansen started off his rant by talking about the truly shocking fact in this whole NFL situation.

"The best defensive player in college football's best conference only a third to fifth round NFL pick? Really? That is shocking," he said. "And I guess that other thing is, too."

Hansen went on to talk about how problems are already starting for Michael Sam, even though the draft is still months away.

"Several NFL officials telling Sports Illustrated that it will hurt him on draft day because a gay player wouldn't be welcome in an NFL locker room. It would be uncomfortable, because that's a man's world," Hansen all-but-sneered.

He then gave us some examples of this "man's world" that's currently acceptable in the NFL"

"You beat a woman and drag her down a flight a stairs, pulling her hair out by the roots…you're the fourth guy taken in the NFL draft."

"You kill people while driving drunk, that guy is welcome."

"Players caught in hotel rooms with illegal drugs and prostitutes, we know they're welcome."

"Players accused of rape and pay the woman to go away…you lie to police, trying to cover up a murder, we're comfortable with that."

"You love another man?" he concludes. "Well, now you've gone too far. "

Well said, Mr. Hansen. If those facts above anger you...good. They should.

You can watch Dale's epic speech below. He ends his broadcast with a quote by civil rights activist Audre Lorde that hopefully will stick with you long after you've finished watching the video:

Related: Michael Sam is damn good-looking so we'll certainly be very jealous of the man he ends up with. And we can't wait to see him kick ass in the NFL. We hope our favorite team drafts him, because we want someone like that with our franchise. (Lookin' at you, Indianapolis Colts! You could probably use a good defensive end. Just sayin').

And for those talking about how they would be worried that Michael Sam would hit on them in the locker room, we'll let Jon Stewart take that one. Basically: "It's so weird how some guys just assume that they're so irresistible to gay guys."

Spoiler alert: they're almost definitely not attracted to you.

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