Pippa Middleton Shares Her Fitness Secrets—Find Out What Exercise Regime She Swears By!

Find out how Pippa gets her perfect shape

By Emily Popp Feb 13, 2014 5:12 PMTags

Even though it's been three years since Pippa Middlteton almost stole the show during the royal wedding when she stepped out in that curve-hugging dress, we're still not entirely over it.

That's the type of thing that stays with you for a long time! If you're like us and still have a fascination with Pippa's perfect shape, then you'll be happy to know she revealed her secret in her latest column for Waitrose magazine.

For her column, the 30-year-old beauty made Valentine's Day desserts with renowned chef Eric Chavot. Pippa writes about the experience, "Early morning—a tad too early, even for a military-fitness obsessive like me—and I'm in an underground kitchen in London's Mayfair sitting next to a gregarious Frenchman in shorts."

Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images

So that's how she does it!

Now, what exactly are British military fitness classes? They're held in parks and open green spaces in England and each class is a mix of running, hill training, strength exercises and partner teamwork—similar to our boot camp classes in the States.

Military fitness sounds pretty intense, but that makes sense considering Pippa's perfectly toned body and ultra-enviable backside.