Jeremy Abbott, Sochi Winter Olympics

Paul Gilham/Getty Images

Thursday's been a rough day in Sochi for men's figure skaters in Sochi: Just ask Jeremy Abbott and Evgeni Plushenko!

Abbott, an American Olympian, fell hard during the short program competition. The 28-year-old athlete crashed into the barriers on the rink's perimeter, stayed down for a good 10 seconds, then pulled himself right back up. Not only did he finish the routine, but he nailed the landing of a triple lutz-triple toe combination and pulled off a triple axel. He earned a 72.58 for the performance and a cheering ovation from the crowds.

Evgeny Plyushchenko, Olympics, Sochi, Drops Out

Robert Cianflone/Getty Images

But Plushenko, the four-time medalist who helped Russia nab a team gold this past weekend, didn't bounce back like his U.S. competitior. The 31-year-old (you probably know him for his "Pony" skate routine) fell during his warm-ups for the short program. Per EPSN, he immediately grabbed his back, then skated over in apparent pain to consult with his coach. After returning to the ice and then failing to execute another jump, Plushenko left the rink. Shortley thereafter, he withdrew from the Olympics and announced his retirement.

He will certainly be missed on the ice during these games, but somehow we think we'll be seeing more Plushenko in the near future!

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