Prince William, David Beckham and Yao Ming are walking through a sports stadium filled with rhinos—and no, that's not the start of a corny joke!

The trio teamed up with WildAid for series of PSAs urging people not to support the illegal wildlife trade—which means you should never purchase rhino horn, ivory, or shark fin. These clips (the human portions, at least) were filmed back in September 2013, but were released Wednesday as part of a week of conservationist events taking place in London. (The rhinoceroses were added into the clip via GreenScreen Animal—so Wills, Becks and Yao were not dangerously close to the majestic creatures.)

In another WildAid PSA titled "Fatherhood," William, David and Yao explain they want their children to get to see the animals they're trying to protect. Prince George's dad points out that he wants the next generation "to know that rhinos are not just a picture in a book," while the father of Brooklyn, Cruz, Romeo and Harper wants "our children to be able to swim with sharks, and not just eat them in a soup."

These PSAs, targeted at China and Vietnam, were released as conservationists from around the world are convening in London to help save these animals from extinction. Prince William and Prince Charles both spoke at the Illegal Wildlife Trade conference Thursday, drawing more attention to the global crisis and pointing out how concerned humans from around the world are working together to save these species.

Prince Harry, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, Prince Charles, Prince of Wales

John Stillwell - WPA Pool/Getty images

Prince Harry came out to support his father and brother, too, proudly looking on as they addressed the very eager crowd. Another familiar face at the conference was Jackie Chan, who actually got a special shout-out from William for his continued anti-poaching efforts and philanthropic contributions.

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