People Cover, 02/24/14


Rachel Frederickson may be $250,000 richer after winning The Biggest Loser earlier this month, but she has no plans to stop working. In fact, the 24-year-old Los Angeleno is considering a career change.

"I used to just be a voice over artist because I was hiding," Frederickson says of eschewing the spotlight when she weighed 260 lbs. "Now maybe I'll put a face to the voice and come out of hiding."

After losing 155 pounds in seven months, Frederickson hopes to continue sharing her progress with fans. "I've learned so many recipes and I've been cooking," she explains. "So eventually I would love to start a blog and continue that communication with my fans and have a dialogue."

"Truly, the sky is the limit," says the reality TV contestant. "I'm very, very excited about the future."

In the weeks leading up to the Biggest Loser finale on Feb. 4, Frederickson, a former pastry chef, "didn't take any jobs" and increased her workouts. "I got my butt in the gym because, I said, 'This is the last week. You better be working out,'" she tells People. "I worked out an extra couple hours."

Us Weekly, Feb 24

Us Weekly

Frederickson—who also appears on the cover of Us Weekly—is happy with her new body. "I see a strong, confident woman when I look in the mirror. I've never felt this great. And it's very exciting!"

The Minnesota native—who went from size 20 to size 0—also addresses the criticism regarding her slim-down in the magazine's new issue. "I'm extremely proud of the way I lost the weight," says the former competitive swimmer. "I did everything so naturally, and the athlete in me really came back."

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