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Most. Dramatic. Sleepover. Ever.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Feb. 9 episode was perhaps its most dramatic ever, as a a pajama party hosted by NeNe Leakes turned into an all-out fight, with Kandi Burruss losing her cool.

Still, the pillow talk party from hell managed to score the Bravo reality hit its highest-rated episode ever, attracting 4.6 million viewers.

Sure, the new ratings record is great, but star Cynthia Bailey exclusively told E! News at the Zang Toi Fashion Show in New York City on Wednesday that the way the show achieved the milestone was "bittersweet."

"Unfortunately, the whole fighting thing is something we don't normally do. I don't think that's why people watch us, but at the same time I guess that's why so many people tuned in," she explained. "As a part of the cast, I personally don't celebrate it just in terms of the content. So, yay, we got good ratings–but I don't really feel good about it happened."

While she was surprised to see that side of Kandi, who is normally pretty level-headed, erupt during the fight (at one point, she yelled, "I will drag you in this, bitch!"), Cynthia said, "We're all women, we're all emotional. We all have a snap button. It is what it is."

As for her current relationship with Kandi, Cynthia dished, "We're in a good place. [The fight] was a hurdle we had to get over. But at the end of the day, she's a rational person and I'm very rational and with time we were able to move past it."

After the drama-filled episode aired, Kandi took to Twitter to explain her behavior at the party.

"Three people were pulling me back & I was going insane.... I so regret it now," Kandi said on Twitter. "I never said I would kill her. Cynthia is exaggerating. I said I would drag they ass. At the time I meant it, but I felt bad later...I know we're suppose 2 have self control as we get older but Im not down 4 people walkin all up on me being all aggressive pointin in my face. I also feel like if you're breaking up an argument you should hold back your own people not pushing the people you're arguing with..."

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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