Sochi Beer Fridge, Team Canada, Olympics

AP Photo/Morry Gash

While it's safe to say that things haven't exactly gone done without a hitch in Russia, there are apparently a few perks to being in Sochi. 

Particularly, if you're Canadian. 

Canadian beer company Molson has apparently shipped a bright red beer fridge to the Team Canada Olympic House in Sochi, which is fully stocked with free fresh cold beer.

Except there's one tiny catch: You need a Canadian passport to open it.

You hear that, Justin Bieber?

The fridge is equipped with an electronic passport reader, similar to the airport scanners, which scans the Canadian government seal, the font and the word "Canada" on the passport.

Once you prove that you're indeed a Canuck, the fridge will pop open, presenting you with a tasty brewski in case you're tuckered out from too much Russian vodka tasting. 

This isn't the first time the famous fridge has made an appearance overseas—the retro fridge was previously filmed traveling all over Europe, including England, France and Belgium, as part of a Molson marketing campaign.

Molson Coors is an official supporter of the Canadian Olympic Team and the campaign is meant to celebrate Canadian pride "no matter where you are in the world," according to Molson Coors spokesman Forest Kinney. 

"The notion was...and I think this is true with Americans as well for us, that the further you are away from the home the more Canadian you feel," Aaron Starkman, a partner and creative director at the ad agency ReThink in Toronto said, according to ABC News. "We wanted to just have an icon to remind people of Canada and to have a taste of home when they are so far away."

Sounds pretty great, eh? 

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