Have commercials always been this emotionally manipulative?! Since when is it OK to make us cry during an ad for an iPad? Since when is it fair to make our hearts explode during an ad for, uh... 

What exactly is this an ad for? Which brings us to our second point: Emotionally manipulative ads don't even have to be about the product anymore! This could be a commercial for literally anything—engagement rings? That would make the most sense. Gardening supplies? Is this a commercial for Lowes?—but all you need to do now is make us tear up then slap the name of your company and product on the end and we're in. We'll buy what you're selling.

It's actually for Schwarzkopf's "Nectra Color" hair care products. They call it "A Declaration of Love," but really it's just a commercial. A commercial full of romance and love and wonderful-ness! We wish we had romance and love and wonderful-ness like that! Maybe if we color our hair with Schwarzkopf's "Nectra Color" we will!

"See how true love creates beauty: Enjoy a wonderful story about a man, a woman, flowers and the little things that make us fall in love with someone," Schwarzkopf says of their commercial. "Not just on Valentine's day, but every day a bit more. A declaration of love from Schwarzkopf Nectra Color, dedictated [sic] to all women in the world.
Dedicated to you."

OK, calm down. We already said we'd buy it. 

(H/T Daily Picks and Flicks)

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