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Spoiler alert! We're about to dig into the biggest, most jaw-dropping moments from Tuesday night's TV. If you haven't yet watched a particular show, and don't want to be spoiled, skip to the next!

Justified Tonight's episode of the FX his drama featured a jaw-dropping alliance. With stuck Ava in state prison and the fact that Boyd's initial skinhead protection plan has backfired, he calls on an enemy for backup: The Crowes. In fact, Boyd was so please with his new partnership that he enlisted their help in getting rid of Johnny, the wrench in his heroin business.  It'll be interesting to see how long Boyd's ruthless ways can mix with the short-fused Crowes, but for now, we really like this whole Legion of Doom vibe. 

Pretty Little Liars: In order solve the dangerous mysteries that are poisoning the liars' lives, Spencer (Troian Bellisario) has developed an addiction to prescription pills so she can "focus" on cracking the A case. As a result of her non-stop obsessing and severe lack of sleep, this noir-inspired episode was a surprisingly real figment of Spencer's overworked imagination.

By the time that Spencer was smacked back into the realm of reality, she discovered the final piece of the puzzle that she needed to peg Ezra as A. However when she and the girls went to tell Aria the truth, they discovered Miss Montgomery and Ezra were looking awfully cozy on her couch. Sorry, toots, but the gig is up!

And although most of the episode took place in Spencer's head and did not actually happen in our Rosewood reality, the PLL Gods definitely wanted to take the time to give the fans a little Paily loving. In an effort to highlight their forbidden love of lesbians in the ‘40's, Emily and Paige shared a super sexy scene that was so hot, we almost called the fire department! Yes, there was a bed involved but that's all we're going to say… (Oh my gosh!)

Dads: Well that ended on a depressing note! Fox's freshman comedy aired their season (and possibly series) finale tonight and it was nothing like we would've expected from the typically raunchy Seth MacFarlane show. Crawford got his ankle bracelet removed so Warner kicked him into an old folks home faster than you can say, "daddy issues." However it only took a few days before Warner realized that he missed having his alcoholic father around and he incited him to live back home.

David suffered a heart attack and although he survived, the experience caused him to realize that he had been living a life of regret. He encouraged his son to tell a newly-engaged Veronica (that was unexpected and random!) how he truly feels about her. However when rain-drenched Eli finally found Veronica, he looked into the restaurant window and saw that she and her fiancé looked incredibly happy together, and he turned and sadly walked down a dark alleyway. And that was it! Oddly somber ending for a comedy, no?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Boyle had a major crush in tonight's Valentine's Day episode of the hit Fox comedy so he decided to do something a little crazy: He proposed! Luckily his lady love, Professor Vivian, was equally head-over-heels for our clumsy cop and she said yes. Hmm, could there be a prescient wedding coming up? We'd love to see Peralta as the flower girl… 


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Twisted: Can you believe it?! Danny did not, we repeat—did not!—kill his aunt. Countless secrets were unveiled in tonight's winter premiere of Twisted and we're thrilled to finally share them with you. It turns out that when Danny was 11, he walked in to see that  his father, Vikram, was the one who actually strangled Aunt Tara with the red jump rope. Vikram begged Danny to take the fall for his father's murder and like a typical naïve and impressionable 11-year-old, Danny agreed.

Fast-forward to present day: While on the run from the police, Danny overheard the news that his father is actually alive. With Jo and Lacey's help, Danny went to meet with his father in an abandoned building. Danny was convinced that Vikram was the one who actually killed Regina and has, once again, framed his son for murder.

But when Vikram discovered that Jo was trying to call for help on her cell phone, he lunged after her and began chasing her through the forest. In a shocking twist, Vikram fell off of a very high, and very dangerous cliff and plummeted to his death on the rocks below—for real this time. Danny tried to grab his dad's hand, but it was too late, and as he and Jo looked over the edge of the cliff in disbelief, someone in a black hoodie watched from behind the trees. A?! Is that you? What are you doing in Twisted?!

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New Girl: Imagine someone who is the complete opposite of Jess Day and then crank her crazy meter all the way up to 200 percent. Good you're ready. Now we'd like you to introduce you to Jess' older sister, Abby. The eldest Day daughter is a total train wreck who says extremely inappropriate and provocative things to strangers and loves starting fights in jail. Naturally, Jess has tried to hide Abby and her wild ways from Nick. However, after rescuing her sister from prison, chasing her around L.A. for a day, and a talking out their differences, Jess finally agreed to let Nick and Abby meet.

And that's not all! Jess is letting Abby stay in her room in loft for a while ("6 months tops!" according to Abby) which means that Jess and Nick are officially and fully living together. As for the rest of the boys? Schmidt recruited Nick to be his wingman at a kid's Bar Mitzvah so he could hit on the rabbi's daughter, and Winston, Coach and Cece all had dinner at Winston's new beau's place. Oh and Coach and Cece finally addressed their steamy hookup from a few weeks back, tried to reenact it, and then decided they're better off just friends. Schmidt and Cece FTW!

Line of the Night: "If you acapella sing at me one more time, I'll rip that stupid little dress off of you and shove it down your mouth." A big, huge thank you to Abby Day, for finally telling off Jess for the teacher's most obnoxious quirk. We love you, Jess, but seriously please stop singing when you feel awkward.  

.gif of the Night:

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On tonight's episode of Dance Moms, Abby tried to eat Kelly, so Kelly smacked the crap out of Abby. We hate how much we love this show. 

What TV shows did you watch tonight? Tell us in the comments below!

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