Coco Austin

Jeff Rayner/Coleman-Rayner

Damn, Coco!

While walking around the freezing streets of NYC yesterday, Ice-T's other half flashed her breasts in public!

During her Monday afternoon stroll, Coco, who was dressed in furry heels, tight blue jeans and a furry winter coat, opened up her jacket to reveal her breasts, which had red, heart-shaped nipple pasties over her nipples. During the brief flashing moment, the super sexy 34-year-old blond beauty flaunted her curvy body and toned tummy without a flinch.

Perhaps Coco is testing out the heart-shaped pasties for Valentine's Day?

Coco is obviously no stranger to showing lots of skin. In addition to her many sexy Twitter and Instagram photos, Coco starred in the sexy Las Vegas show Peepshow from 2012 to 2013.

Meanwhile, Coco did prep for Valentine's Day with a special photo shoot recently. She took to Twitter to share with fans, writing, "I took a special picture in my last weeks photoshoot just for Valentines day.Now you have to wait to see! Check my page Feb 14th & follow me."

Ice-T's one lucky guy!

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