If Walter White had a Facebook page, it would be epic.

The social media website's "look back video" to celebrate its 10 year anniversary has made headlines for numerous reasons ever since it launched, and now the South African comedy duo Derick Watts & The Sunday Blues decided to spoof the slideshows by creating one for the Breaking Bad character's theoretical Facebook profile.

And along with it being absolutely amazing, it will also give you so much nostalgia.

Opening with the same slide and background music as actual videos, photos of Bryan Cranston as a chemistry teacher begin to pop up. There were even some fake photo captions and status updates.

Walter White's fake Facebook


A photo of the famous RV was captioned, "Got a sweet new ride! Life is a highway."

There was also a status that read, "Jessie is being such a bitch, he needs to apply himself. LOL" Photos ranged from his chemo treatments to his Heisenberg transformation, the meth, the pizza on the roof, the family breaking apart and more.

"I'm a massive fan of the show, and I made the video just as a bit of a tribute thing—because the day that those Facebook look back videos started getting made…I was really start getting quite bored of seeing my friends' look backs," Derick Watts founder Nic Smal, who made the video, reportedly said.

"And then I just figured, Walter White has got such a journey—he would be such a cool character to see a look back for."

Smal created the video using Adobe After Affects, but quickly deleted the first version and made a couple of tweaks before putting it back on YouTube.

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