Chrissy Teigen, Instagram


Chrissy Teigen gives the best hugs. Just ask John Legend.

It's no surprise that the supermodel is very comfortable flaunting her bare bod, and her nudity goes behind the sexy photo shoots and music videos. Teigen shared an Instagram video that showed her giving her celeb hubby a topless hug yesterday.

The short clip opens with the beauty, strutting a messy bun and ivory pencil skirt, laughing with her head back as her arms strategically cover her breasts. Meanwhile, Legend has his arms around his lady with a grin from ear to ear (can you blame him?!).

The vibe of the Instavideo quickly changed from sexy to somewhat strange, with the view cutting to a close-up of Chrissy's mouth. The newlywed, with only her perfect white teeth showing, said, "Random," and then that was it.

"Lurning 2 make insta moovies," she captioned the post. Not too shabby for a newbie!

Teigen and Legend are always gushing over each other, and recently the duo said they want to have a "ton" of kids. "We definitely have plans for kids," Teigen told ABC News at the Shape Magazine Super Bowl party over the weekend. "I want a ton, he wants a ton, so I guess it's time to start."

However, Chrissy confessed she's not too thrilled about the nine months of pregnancy that comes before the baby is born. She tells ABC, "I just wish they appeared. I just wished they just showed up out of nowhere."

The topless hugs may be a little more difficult with a baby bump, but we're sure she'd find a way to make it work.

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