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Exciting, breaking news from abroad! And no, this has nothing to do with the Olympics. Actually, it's quite the opposite: Burger King Japan has a new burger! And it sounds disgusting! Opposite, because 1) World class, top-tier athletes and sports and fast food? Nah. 2) McDonald's sponsors the Games.

You know by now that we like to stay abreast of all the latest additions to fast food menus, but Burger King Japan's new BK Ringoa burger topped with grilled apple slices instead of tomatoes ("ringo" means "apple" in Japanese, apparently) and a "generous portion" of cinnamon mayonnaise—does not sound like our new favorite meal. No thank you, Burger King! 

But apparently, it's not half bad. Casey Baseel of Rocket News 24 got his hands on the burger and said the burger also contains no pickles or onions (which is good because pickles are also gross) and that the burger has "an almost Middle Eastern effect."

"The cinnamon smells great," Casey writes in his review. "It doesn't impart as much sweetness as you'd expect, though. There's a short burst of cinnamon flavor that comes just before you wrap your mouth around the sandwich, but once you bite in, the initial flavors on the tongue is mayonnaise, followed by the juicy meat and slight char."

"The apple comes out a bit later as you chew, and the fruit's texture is somewhat like a firm apple pie. It's mild, but with a definite sweetness," he continues. "The cinnamon notes come out for a tiny little encore, with the sesame from the bun finishing off the flavor profile."

(We wish everyone would take their fast food reviews this serious. Quality work, Casey.)

Others didn't love it quite as much, such as this Twitter user who (roughly translated) said he that he was hoping for the best, but it was not his favorite. Guess we'll all just have to go to Japan to try it for ourselves. Field trip!

Burger King Japan has also unveiled that NY Whopper (a bigger burger with the grilled apples, along with bacon and Hollandaise sauce that Casey says has a bit of "sourness"), but the most exciting news of all though is that Burger Kings in Japan have cocktails. Did we know this?!

(H/T Jezebel)

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