Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, Morning

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

6:30AM: Alarm goes off

6:45AM - 7:00AM: Check blog, approve comments and moderate questions. Blast the days post on all social media outlets. Get caught up on WWD, NY Times & social media for talking points for the days meetings and events. Double check to make all links work on blog post

7:00AM - 8:00AM: Get dolled up for my day.

Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, Backstage

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

8:30AM: Walk to Lincoln Center to go backstage for Zimmermann show. I am obsessed with Zimmermann and it is a brand I work with year-round so this is always a fun show to go to. Plus, my husband is in town today and it's his very first fashion show so I'm pumped to have him as my plus one. Going backstage before a show is always fun because you get to view the collection before any one else gets to see it. It also gives you the opportunity to see the product up-close and take in the detailing. I also use this time to catch up with the publicist who invited me to the show as well as promote the show on my social media channels.

8:50AM: Doors open to the show and I snap a few photos with fellow blogger buddies.

9:10AM: Zimmermann Show. Here is a little GoPro clip of the final walk through. At the end me and my husband give a little wave!

9:50AM: Race back to hotel room to change into a new outfit for meetings and presentations. Hop in the car and head out.

Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, Coach

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

10:15AM: I am very excited to stop into the Coach presentation to see what Stuart Vevers has done with the brand. I really feel in love with the beautiful photo & graphic installation that served as a backdrop to the debut collection. The chic pieces felt very Americana, utilitarian and also fashionably chic. I'm thrilled to share this new perspective of Coach with my readers this year. I kneel down to snag a quick pic for Instagram before heading out. 

Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, Kate Spade

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

11:20AM: We were right on time for the Kate Spade presentation and it's always a fun show to attend. This season Deborah Llyod transported us from the street of NY to her recent travels to Japan & China. I bump into Pink Peonies, Song of Style, The Style Editrix and others to catch up on all things fashion week. 

Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, The Style Editrix, Catching Up

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

12:15PM: Hop back into the car to head back to the upper east side for a 1 o'clock fitting at Tommy Hilfiger. Hit a little bit of traffic as I realize I'm pretty starved and haven't eaten all day. 

Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, Nachos

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

12:45PM: Eat. Yes, I eat like an 8 year old boy. Usually it's whatever I can get my hands on the fastest. Today it was nachos. 

Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, Fitting

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

1:15PM: My husband and I are getting fitted for the Tommy Hilfiger show. This is my first year being dressed for the show and I'm all sorts of excited. Some brands like to dress bloggers in their latest collection so that they can share the outfits with their social media followers. I intend to also blog the outfits we selected because I am so excited to be working with the brand and am a big fan. The show isn't until Monday morning so I have to keep my look under my hat until then. 

Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, Sam, Rebecca Minkoff

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

1:30PM-2:30PM: Missed the Trina Turk presentation because our fitting took longer than expected. I'm seeing everyones photos on Instagram and kind of bummed I had to miss it. #FOMO

3:00PM: Husband takes a nap as I go to the Rebecca Minkoff Show. This is always a fun show because Rebecca Minkoff has a wonderful relationship with the blogging community. It's fun to run into all of your friends in the industry at shows like this one. Here is me and Samantha from the blog, Could I Have That?

Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, Computer

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

4:15PM - 5:15PM: I am in my room working on blog posts. Typically one post takes me between 1 - 2 hours. I have to upload my photos, research outfits for links and be sure to properly credit my posts. Sometimes when a post is sponsored by a brand I have certain criteria that must be met. For example, sometimes you have to include a certain amount of a particular product shots or promote the post on your social media using specified hashtags, etc... I always double check to make sure everything is being posted properly as well as scheduled for the correct date/time. I also use this time to catch up on incoming e-mails and outstanding business such as invoicing, scheduling meetings and following up on collaborations. I'm also checking my schedule for tomorrow and planning a time to meet with my photographer to take photos for the blog. 

Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, Pic, Blair, Husband

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

5:15PM - 6:15PM: Shower and get ready for the night.

6:30PM: Hop back in the car to head out for the night. 

7:00PM: Attend the Trina Turk after party celebration that is hosted by my friend Blair from the blog Atlantic Pacific. I snap a few photos for Instagram and a photographer takes a picture of me taking a picture. Funny. My husband and I take a quick selfie at the bar and take in the beautiful view from the Grammercy Park Hotel.

Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, Hottie Husband

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

7:50PM - 7:55PM: Check out my hottie hubs and feel thankful that he came to work with me today. 

Jacey Duprie, Day in the Life, Cheers

Courtesy: Jacey Duprie

8:30PM: Finally made it to our dinner date with family friends. I am relieved to have an espresso martini to liven me up for the night out away from the fashion craziness.

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