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Do they give out medals for incredible fashion? Because give all the gold to NBC commentator and former Olympian Johnny Weir.

The three-time U.S. figure skating champion and two-time Olympian has been commentating the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi for NBC, and even though his actual announcing of the games has been solid, viewers have taken more notice of his wardrobe. Basically, it's amazing.

The openly gay 29-year-old seems to pay no mind to Russia's controversial anti-gay laws and is flaunting his impeccable fashion sense. In fact, his clothes are just a daily reminder that we will never be as fabulous as Johnny Weir. It's sad, but it's true.

Weir seems to favor not only the obligatory fitted suits that everyone wears, but he's rockin' leather pants, ruffled tops, gold chains and fur coats. He even puts his hair in a braid because Johnny doesn't mess around when he styles his hair. What's the point of watching the Olympics if your commentators aren't giving it their all in the fashion department? There is no point, we say.

His inspiration? According to his interview with Philadelphia Magazine, Johnny is doing his own homage to The Hunger Games' Caesar Flickerman.

"I decided to go more of Stanley Tucci's character from The Hunger Games," he said to the mag. "I'm trying to stay between the lines of Johnny on Skating With the Stars and the rest of the NBC men's family in Brooks Brothers."

Well, whatever you're doing, you are doing it right. And the people love it:

Johnny has been reporting from the games with former skater Tara Lipinski, who must feel dwarfed every day by the sheer fabulousness of Weir's wardrobe. It's OK, girl. We all feel that way in comparison to Johnny.

Don't forget: E! is broadcasting from Sochi! And be sure to tune into NBC's prime-time coverage of the games so you don't miss a minute of Winter Olympics action!

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