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Who knew pillow talk could lead to any other kind of a fight besides a pillow fight? Such was the case on Real Housewives of Atlanta as the two-part pillow talk fight came to an end on Sunday, Feb. 9. Who's to blame? Everybody was pointing fingers at everyone else.

Last week, Apollo, Christopher, Brandon and Kenya erupted. Nene maintained Kenya was to blame for that, and this week it was Kandi, Peter, Cynthia and Cynthia's sister Malorie over comments about Todd. Lesson? Don't mess with Kandi's man.

In the video above, the normally level-headed Kandi erupted. She said she was sparked by Peter's behavior, followed by Malorie putting her hands on her. Todd got in the mix and the words and fingers started flying, but all the punches were used up during the previous fight between Apollo and Brandon.

 "I will drag you in this, bitch!" Kandi shouted as she was dragged away to cool down.

Kenya told E! News she was embarrassed by the events that happened at the pillow talk party after she had left. "These are all adults, we all get angry, people push our buttons. But nothing should ever get to the point where you physically touch another person. So to watch that, I was really embarrassed," she told E! News. "I like Kandi, I like Cynthia and I just thought, ‘What is happening with them to make them behave that way?' They're friends. They're not enemies, they've never been combative with each other before. So what  would be the reason for them to behave in that manner and for Kandi to be so upset she's telling people she's going to kill them? I was just disgusted."

In the episode, the ladies all assembled for a spa day to reflect and attempt to mend fences. Some gave apologies.

"Three people were pulling me back & I was going insane.... I so regret it now," Kandi said on Twitter. "I never said I would kill her. Cynthia is exaggerating. I said I would drag they ass. At the time I meant it, but I felt bad later...I know we're suppose 2 have self control as we get older but Im not down 4 people walkin all up on me being all aggressive pointin in my face. I also feel like if you're breaking up an argument you should hold back your own people not pushing the people you're arguing with..."

Kandi and Cynthia seem to have started down the road to repairing their friendship.

"I apologize and accept full responsibility for any part of wrongdoing that I contributed to on that night. I apologize on behalf of Peter and my sister as well," Cynthia wrote in her Bravo blog. "I hope that Kandi and I are big enough women to eventually move past this foolishness. I guess you will have to keep watching to find out. Oh yes, when Kandi says that I wouldn't bust a grape, she was 100 percent correct. I do not and will not ever physically fight another woman."

But Nene and Kenya? That's another story …

"I think everything changed when she lost her jobs in Hollywood," Kenya told E! News of Nene's behavior. "And I think there's a direct correlation in how she's treated me since then. Now, Nene is on a campaign. She's campaigning in her own mind and in her own world to turn people against me, but it's not working. In fact, they're turning against her."

Whose side are you on?

—Reporting by Beth Sobol

(E! and Bravo are both part of the NBCUniversal family.)

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