Johnny Quinn, Twitter Door

Scott Halleran/Getty Images; Twitter

U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn wasn't going to miss out on any Winter Games fun because of a jammed bathroom lock.

So when the athlete found himself stuck inside a Sochi hotel bathroom Saturday morning, he put his Olympic strength to good use and broke through the door!

He tweeted an after pic of the destruction, explaining, "With no phone to call for help, I used my bobsled push training to break out. #SochiJailBreak."

"Russians have done a great job with the venue, unfortunately though, I got locked in this morning," Quinn told Today's Lester Holt. "It could've happened to anyone."

The bobsledder attempted to make noise and alert his teammates, and while they did hear it, they didn't see any cause for alarm. Dallas Robinson told Today he "could hear some pounding and muffled noises" from next door, but he and his teammates "thought it was construction."

So Quinn "started hitting [the door]," explaining that he "eventually saw daylight so I kept going until I could get out."

Fellow bobsledder Nick Cunningham found Quinn in a towel with "this stunned look on his face," saying, "I saw the door and it was, like, really in the shape of a person who just ran through the door."

Thank goodness Quinn broke free! The bobsledder pointed out, however, that he doesn't blame the Sochi venue for his little lock-in, saying, "A door jam like this can happen anywhere."

Very true, but it seems Quinn might be a magnet for these kinds of things. The very next day, he tweeted a picture from the inside of an elevator, writing, "No one is going to believe this but we just got stuck in an elevator. Ask @BOBSLEDR [Cunningham] and @Crippsee who were there"

Well, now he's got two stories to tell.

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