Superman Baby Video


You might not have cared for the Man of Steel movie (trust us, you're not alone), but this baby is giving it two hands way, way up!

This dad sat his 16-month-old baby boy on his lap so he could introduce him to the iconic character that is Superman. The reaction the little kid has when he sees Superman (Henry Cavill) fly for the first time is so cute that if we could harness the energy of his adorableness, it would probably be more powerful than kryptonite and Henry Cavill's smoldering gaze combined.

The best part? Obviously when the toddler puts his arms up in the air as if he's attempting to fly himself. When is the last time you were this excited about a movie? Because it doesn't seem like anyone is this enthusiastic about the Superman vs. Batman film that's coming up. Well, just have a peek at this sweet family watching Superman do his thing together and all will feel right in the world:

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(H/T Gawker)

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