The Walking Dead, Mid Season Premiere

Gene Page/AMC

Miss last night's The Walking Dead midseason premiere? Well, you missed a lot of Michonne (Danai Gurira) awesomeness. Don't worry; we have you covered with the only clip you need to see.

In the clip released by AMC, Michonne dispatches dozens of walkers with ease.

First, a little context: The emotional outburst came after viewers got a glimpse into the life Michonne used to live before the zombie apocalypse. She had a baby, she had a lover, she had friends. That lover and that friend became her first zombie pets/escorts. This episode she resumed having walker escorts. She marched on, zombie-like herself, before meeting a walker that had a passing resemblance to her. Then she broke.

This is why everybody loves Michonne.

"For me, that's her fighting for her soul. That's not going to be me and that could've been me," Gurira told EW about the scene. "If I hadn't been a fighter from the beginning, I could've been this woman, walking out with the dead with blood on her face, wearing the same clothes that she was wearing when the apocalypse hit. That part of her, that is a fighter, that is fierce, that was starting to harden and deaden and die because she was so sick of the pain and the trauma, that woman triggers it. She's like, ‘Why am I walking around with a bunch of zombies? This is not who I am.' This is about her fighting for herself, her fighting for her will. There is a part where she's killed all of them at the end and it's really emotional for her. She's cracking, she's open, she's having this catharsis. She knows she has to carry on and fight. She doesn't lay down and die. She's not that person and she doesn't want to become that person."

See what happens to Michonne on The Walking Dead, Sundays, 9 p.m. on AMC.

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