Zac Efron, Instagram


Who's bad? None other than Zac Efron, showing off a few Michael Jackson moves.

The That Awkward Moment star did just that in an Instagram video he posted last Friday.

Decked out in a plaid shirt, jeans, a beanie and a pair of sunglasses, the 26-year-old actor serves up a pretty sweet moonwalk, capping it off with one of the late King of Pop's signature leg shakes.

Not surprising, given how Jackson has always been bit of an inspiration to the former High School Musical stud.

During an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Jan. 30, Efron was asked by the show's host, "Do you get excited about seeing people or are you over that now? You know, people that you admired growing up or actors that you were star struck by?"

"I still save my voicemails...if somebody I look up to calls me," replied Efron. "My most cherished is Michael Jackson gave me one. He called me."

Without missing a beat, a surprised Jimmy Kimmel quipped, "He did? Was that ever used in a court proceeding? Why was he calling you? How old must you have been when Michael Jackson called?"

To which his guest playfully replied, "I have no comment. I'm pleading the fifth."

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