Shia LaBeouf Walks Out of Nymphomaniac Press Conference, Poses With Bag Over His Head

Nymphomaniac star left the Berlin presser 10 minutes into the conference after he was asked why he wanted to do a film with so many sex scenes

By Brandi Fowler Feb 09, 2014 10:20 PMTags
Shia LaBeouf, Paper BagLuca Teuchmann/WireImage

It's clear Shia LaBeouf was not in the mood for a press conference this weekend.

About 10 minutes after a presser in Berlin began for his upcoming flick Nymphomaniac Sunday, the thesp got up and walked right out of the room when he was asked why he wanted to do a movie with so many sex scenes, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

He did answer the question before walking away, saying slowly, "When the seagulls follow the trawler, it's because they think sardines will be thrown into the sea. Thank you very much."

Apparently, the line is a quote from French soccer legend Eric Cantona, who says those words in the film Looking for Eric, while the credits are rolling.

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

What that has to do with sex scenes or Nymphomaniac…LaBeouf didn't say.

The mag, which also reported that the thesp is missing a bottom tooth, said the rest of the cast and crew on the panel (which included Christian Slater and Uma Thurman) looked a bit stunned by his exit, but pulled themselves together and "lightly applauded" as he left.

LaBeouf's antics didn't stop there, though.

The 27-year-old Charlie Countryman star also posed on the red carpet for the film at the International Film Festival Berlinale Sunday with a paper bag over his head that read, "I Am Not Famous Anymore."

He also tweeted those same words last Sunday, Feb. 2.