Save One Show: See Which Shows Are Most in Danger and Nominate One Now!

it's that time once again to make your voice heard and let the networks know which series you want to see come back next season and we've got the inside info on which shows need your help!

By Tierney Bricker Feb 10, 2014 6:37 PMTags
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It's time to pop one show's bubble.

That's right, E! Online's Annual Save One Show is launching oh-so-very soon, giving fans one last chance to save their beloved series from cancellation.

The gist? Each spring, network execs must decide which shows will live or die for the coming fall TV season. With our Save One Show campaign, we're giving you the chance to make the executioner reconsider one series' fate. In previous years, we've helped to save series such as Chuck, One Tree Hill and Community, so not to brag, but it's kind of a big deal. Trust us, your opinions and votes matter!

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To help prep you for 2014's campaign, we've poured our blood, sweat and tears into an extensive and super-informative gallery outlining which TV shows have already been renewed and canceled and highlighted which series are in the most danger of heading to the TV graveyard. Sure, we neglected our families to compile it, but it was so worth it.

Shows up on the chopping block? Well, to name a few: The Mindy Project, Trophy Wife, Reign, The Mentalist, Beauty and the Beast, Nashville, Enlisted, Revolution and more. See, all the pretty people inside that box in your living room need you!

So here's how it works: Click through our "Renewed, Canceled or On the Bubble" gallery, then nominate your favorite show that you believe deserves a renewal by posting in the comments section, or by sending a tweet to @kristindsantos with the hashtag #SaveOneShow. We'll pick the top 20 shows you want rescued, and then the voting starts the morning of Monday, Feb. 17. (And apologies to all you cable-lovers, but Save One Show only applies to network shows as it leads up to the Network Upfronts in mid-May.)

So now is the time to start rallying support! Post your nominations in the comments below and then spread the word on Twitter using the #SaveOneShow hashtag. Embrace your inner fangirl and get to nominatin'!