Toronto Zoo Panda, Snow

Toronto Zoo

Everyone has had quite enough of all the snow that's belching from the sky seemingly nonstop. Snow days are only fun for a couple of days, and then you enter into cabin fever territory.

But it might help keep you sane if you remember that adorable animals love snow. Like, they love it a lot. How many videos have we wrote about concerning videos of animals running around in the snow? Countless. It's because it makes us feel warm inside to watch cute creatures jump and frolic through the powder. And because most of you guys are freezing, warming up inside is not a terrible idea.

Today, we want to show you Da Mao, a giant panda bear from the Toronto Zoo. He's all about the snow. The snow is his homeboy. He wants to be one with the snow. He's rolling around in it like he doesn't have a care in the world. And why would he? Snow!

And here's a little tip from us to you: If you don't have the time to watch a 45-second video, fast forward to 30 seconds in and watch five seconds of that. It'll all be worth it. Trust us. 

(H/T Dailypicksandflicks)

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