Olympic Bear

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Sochi kicked off the 2014 Winter Olympics today with an opening ceremony featuring a little girl and her kite, a volcano, floating villages, four snowflakes that opened into Olympic rings (and one that didn't), a bunch of Russians and the games' official mascots: A polar bear, a leopard and a hare.

Though it was the polar bear (which looked browner than any polar bear we've ever seen, so from here on out we will just refer to it as a brown bear, because that's what it was) that left a lasting memory.

Oh and by the way, it moves.

Olympic Bear

And the brown bear had plenty of people tweeting:

A lot of people think he looks drunk and/or super-stoned:

Others think he's just terrifying:

And here are nine things that the Olympic bear mascot looks like:

1. The bear from Miley Cyrus' VMA Performance:

2. Toronto Mayor Rob Ford:

3. Pedobear:

4. Pedobear's Pedobaby:

5. Yogi Bear:

6. Ted (from the movie Ted):

7. That bear that didn't get a callback for the Country Bear Jamboree:

8. Doge:

9. Snuggles, if he just got out of rehab:

Oh, and then there's this:

Happy opening ceremony! Hope you enjoyed Russia' giant mechanical penis!

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