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It's the end of an era.

After 22 years of countless laughs, jokes, and iconic pop culture moments, Jay Leno said goodbye to his Tonight Show audience with a humbling and hilarious finale monologue.

Leno began his short but sweet speech poking fun at his past Tonight Show controversy saying, "Well tonight is our last show for real.  See I don't need to get fired three times, I get the hint. I get the hint." The late night legend then took the opportunity to make some final jabs at some of Hollywood's biggest names including Justin Bieber, Hugh Grant, and O.J. Simpson

"So much has happened in the last 22 years," Leno reminisced. "You know the saddest part of all: O.J. never found the real killers." Oh snap! The silver fox also reflected on the fact that he has been on the air, and in our homes, for more than two decades. "When I started hosting, Justin Bieber wasn't even been born yet," Leno explained to his live studio audience. "That's why we call those ‘the good old days.'"

In addition to poking fun at the "Baby" singer's expense, Leno also used his final night on NBC to thank his fans—and of course to call out another controversial public figure. "I got to tell you the outpouring from people has really been touching," Leno smiled. "Today, Anthony Weiner sent me a photo of his penis looking sad. Miss you. Love you. Miss you."

And coming around full circle, Leno ended his late night career the same way he started it: "I thought this was interesting. It was revealed this week that in the past couple years Hugh Grant has fathered 3 children with 2 different women," the host continued, "How ironic is that. I end my run the same way it began—asking Hugh Grant "What the hell were you thinking?" 22 years later, I ask him the same question."

Thanks for all the laughs, Jay, we're sure going to miss you!. Don't miss the final episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon this Friday, and tune in to see Fallon as he takes over The Tonight Show starting Feb. 17.

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