Shake it, Oprah Winfrey!

While being honored at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival this week, the TV icon hit the stage in a very groovy way.

During the Heineken-sponsored event, Bruno Mars' hit song "Treasure" played as Oprah walked out onto the stage. The OWN mogul couldn't help dancing and shaking her booty to the catchy tune while walking across the stage. The audience cheered and clapped as Oprah danced and shimmied all the way to her chair.

Oprah, Santa Barbara International Film Festival

The Montecito resident then said to the audience, "Ah, my people!" (Montecito is nearby Santa Barbara). The crowd subsequently erupted into cheers.

Judging by her hot dance moves (thanks, Jake Whetter, for the video), Oprah is loving everything about being 60! Oprah turned 60 last week and opened up about the milestone birthday in her O magazine.

"Sixty. I'm turning 60 this month! I'm so glad I've lived long enough to say those words and celebrate their meaning," she wrote. "I'm turning 60. I'm alive. Healthy. Strong."

"I'm turning 60, and—please don't take offense—I no longer have to be concerned about what anyone thinks of me! (You know, the old Am I doing it right? Am I saying it right? Am I being what or who I'm 'supposed' to be?) I'm turning 60, and I've earned the right to be just as I am," she continued. "I'm more secure in being myself than I've ever been."

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