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Why are we bringing up a Lauren Conrad interview that's from 2012? Good question.

First: We spend all day trolling the Internet looking for everything related to that beautiful and flawless woman. So finding this gem was just part of our daily habit. Yes, we're seeking help about this.

Second: It's almost Valentine's Day, so it just seems appropriate to talk about this part of the interview. Sex. We're going to be talking about sex.

Third (and most importantly): Because Lauren's answer to this rather stupid question must always be brought up.

In October 2012, the former reality-TV star turned fashion designer and best-selling author appeared on Sway Calloway's radio show, Sway in the Morning, to talk about her website, her books and her clothing line. Near the end of the segment, she participated in a fun little game where she pulled some random questions out of a hat and answered them. The questions were silly and sex-related (of course), and when she got to an especially pandering one, she did this:

Lauren Conrad interview GIFs

Lauren Conrad interview GIFs

Perfect answer from a perfect girl. Damn right that's her favorite position. She balls so hard.

Fast forward to 6:15 to see the moment in the video below. And then watch the whole thing because L.C., CEO, is adorable and we want to be best friends with her.

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