Is Russia finally getting its act together in the tolerance department with this blast from the past?

Female duo t.A.T.u. has reportedly been tapped to sing at Friday's opening ceremony for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, a bit of a surprise move from the host nation considering the "All the Things She Said" artists are known for incorporating girl-on-girl action into their live performances, as well as their lyrics that talk of love between women.

Neither Lena Katina nor Yulia Volkova is gay as far as anybody knows, but presumably the hometown delegation is aware that the Russian-language version of their name means "this girl loves that girl."

Last year the Russian government passed a law prohibiting the practice of "gay propaganda" against minors, a piece of legislation that has been widely condemned as a human rights violation and prompted international calls for a boycott. Ultimately no country refused to attend on principal, and President Barack Obama settled on sending a U.S. delegation that includes three gay athletes.

And it sounds as if t.A.T.u, whose involvement in the Olympics was first reported after they were spied rehearsing their song "Not Gonna Get Us" at Fisht Olympic Stadium, isn't having an easy time of it—though that might not have anything to do with politics.

Per The Hollywood Reporter, Russian media outlets were reporting today that Lena had tweeted-then deleted, "They have invited us to perform at the opening ceremony at the Sochi Olympics, but they're treating the artists like s--t!!! The organization is horrible." (She should check in with the journalists in town.)

Meanwhile, we're pretty sure that, whatever t.A.T.u.—who broke up in 2011 but have reunited since for special performances—does during the opening ceremony, it won't be like the 2003 MTV Movie Awards, when "All the Things She Said" was at the height of its catchy power.

While Katina and Volkova were singing, dozens of young ladies dressed in sexy school-girl garb flooded the venue, stripped down to their undershirts and panties, danced joyously and, toward the end of the performance, paired off and proceeded to make out.

Though wouldn't that be something if it happened in Sochi.



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