Kate McKinnon, Ellen Degeneres


Ellen DeGeneres has some words for Justin Bieber!

The comedian had Saturday Night Live castmember Kate McKinnon on her talk show this week and talk quickly turned to McKinnon's SNL impression of the troubled teen singer.

"You make me laugh so much," DeGeneres gushed. "You've become like really my favorite performer on that show right now. Everything you're doing...and that's saying a lot because I like a lot of performers on there. And I think you do so many great characters now."

"Really, that Justin Bieber performance was hilarious because you had him down," DeGeneres continued. "And just that turn, just being so serious and looking at the camera. Had you done him before?"

"No, I didn't," McKinnon admitted. "And I was really nervous all week because I couldn't quite get it right...because I love Justin Bieber and I really wanted to do him justice. I called my mom. I said, ‘Mom, I think I'm going to screw this up.' And she was like, ‘Just hop around like the Biebs.'"

McKinnon went on to tell a story about Bieber coming to her in her dreams and asking her to stop doing impressions of him on the show.

"Well, if he does something, you're probably going to do him again," DeGeneres said. "He should know. He's asking for it. You throw eggs at somebody's house...And you're not being mean about him."

"No, I love him," McKinnon joked. "I think he's so talented. So beautiful to look at."

"Easy on the eyes," DeGeneres said, adding, "We all just want him to take care of himself and come back to the good guy we know he is. That's what he needs to do."

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