Magic Mike, Matthew McConaughey

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Remember when Matthew McConaughey wore a thong for his sexy male stripper role in Magic Mike?

The 44-year-old actor recently stopped by The Graham Norton Show where talk quickly turned to his hot Magic Mike role. McConaughey recalled getting used to wearing nothing but a skimpy thong on set.

"What I did do, which a lot of us did, is you put one of those on and you find your body kind of gets a little inverted," the Oscar nominee said before taking a bended-over stance.

The Dallas Buyers Club star continued, "You go, ‘I have to walk out there amongst the crew and have small time conversations.' Like, ‘So how you do? What'd you have for lunch? Did you see the game this weekend?' Try to have some small talk in this thong without flinching. It was hard!"

McConaughey then burst into laughter with the audience.

He also chatted about his infamous strip dance scene in the flick, saying, "I remember that phone call when [director] Steven Soderbergh was talking to me about the part and I was already on one knee laughing at this world and this pitch. And he goes, ‘You know, it's not in the script right now but Dallas, we really think he should have his own dance at the end. I think it would be a good idea.' And immediately in this ear my head's going, ‘No, no, no, no!' and in this ear it was like, ‘Are you kidding me? You have to if you get a chance.'"

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