LeAnn Rimes, Twitter


Feeling trapped, LeAnn Rimes?

The singer took to Twitter on Wednesday to share a pic of herself inside a helicopter looking a wee bit terrified as she firmly presses her hands against the window.

"Help me!!!!" she captioned the photo.

Fortunately, it turns out Rimes was merely having a little fun as she and husband Eddie Cibrian took to the air for some whale watching in Oahu.

It's just the latest activity the two have enjoyed while spending time in Hawaii, where they are filming their upcoming VH1 reality show, tentatively titled LeAnn & Eddie.

In addition to working on their tans (and packing on the PDA!), the couple has also hit the surf for some paddle boarding and shark diving as well.

As for their TV program, Cibrian explained during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live that it will give viewers an unparalleled glimpse into the duo's everyday life.

"I mean, we looked at each other and we like, we saw the majority of reality shows, the cast members get to consume a lot of alcohol and then they get to fight and throw things, and we looked at each other and we said, 'Why don't we do that? That sounds like fun. Let's join 'em.'"

"I think this reality show could turn out to be a terrible, terrible idea," noted host Jimmy Kimmel.

"Well, yes, it probably will, it probablly will," Cibrian replied with a laugh.

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