Spoiler Chat: Donal Logue Stirs Up Law & Order: SVU Trouble, Veep's New (Familiar) Face and More

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By TV Scoop Team Feb 07, 2014 2:00 PMTags
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It's that time again…Spoiler Chat time! Basically, it's the best part of your Friday and ours, too! Let's start the weekend off right, shall we?

In today's edition, we've got the lowdown on Law & Order: SVU—major problems ahead for one detective and big guest star scoop—plus, a magical Veep guest star and one heck of a hostage situation on CSI.

In addition to all those goodies, some Drop Dead Diva dish, a flash forward for a CBS comedy and more. Let's begin, shall we?

Gabby: Law & Order: SVU has been on point this year. What's coming up when the show comes back after the Olympics?
Funny you should ask because we just got the juiciest of scoops. Donal Logue—he's everywhere and we love it—will guest star in an upcoming very Rollins-heavy episode. Look for her gambling relapse to create a TON of drama. We all knew this day was coming. In a March episode, "Gambler's Fallacy," Rollins is made for a cop in an illegal gambling ring and she's forced to join the fold to pay off her debt. Not a great look for a police officer. The risk of losing her badge is the least of her problems when something unthinkable happens on her watch. Thomas Sadoski reprises the role of Nate Davis and Stefanie Scott returns as Clare Wilson in the March 12 episode.

Caroline: Veep, the best show everybody should be watching, can't come back soon enough. Have any presidential scoop?
Get ready to meet Mike's wife! King of the Hill and Hocus Pocus scene-stealer Kathy Najimy will appear in four episodes of the hit HBO series as Wendy, a DC-based journalist. As Peggy Hill would say, "Hooyah!"

Stefanie: I never thought my two favorite 90s stars would come together and make one of my guilty pleasure comedies, Melissa and Joey. Got anything to make my day?
How about a pregnancy twist? Whose? Not telling!

Alex: Drop Dead Diva me before I drop dead!
We don't want your death on our hands, so here you got: Viewers will meet Seth, an old friend of Grayson's who recently lost his wife. He turns to Grayson and Jane to help fulfill her last wish, but the two clash over the request.

Kevin: Please give me something to ease the pain over losing How I Met Your Mother.
Kev—can we call you Kev?—get ready to meet Carl the Bartender's son. Just like his papa he'll have a strong New York accent.

Steve: I still love CSI and I don't care who knows it! Anything juicy up your sleeves?
There's a hostage situation afoot! DB Russell is taken hostage by a teenage gunman and tries to get control of the already deadly situation. Yikes.

Meag: Mom is hilarious. Anna Faris on a weekly basis is the best thing to happen to TV in years. Whatcha got for me?
Ready to time travel? Mom will feature Mindy, Violet's daughter in a flashforwad. Oh, and the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree with this kid…

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