Who says soldiers can't dance?!

In Friday's all-new episode of Enlisted, Fox's hilarious new sitcom, Randy (Parker Young) pays the young son of a deployed solider a visit at his bedroom window ("It's OK, I've been watching you for a long time," he says. "Let me start that over."), and gifts us with the viewing experience that is his amazing music video.

In an exclusive sneak peek, we're spreading the comedic wealth, giving you Randy's "Awesome Solider Lip-Sync" video in all its hilarious glory.

"Yeah, that's me. What's up?!" Randy says with pride, before attempting to have a serious talk with the kid, who is so not having it.

Oh, what's that,? You said you want even more Parker Young goodness?

Watch the extended version of his hilarious music video, which includes a whole lot of booty shakin'. (You're welcome, Tumblr.)

Enlisted airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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