9 People Who Still Think Juan Pablo Is Perfect (and 18 People Who Think He's the Worst Bachelor Ever)

After his seemingly anti-gay comments and ocean romp with Clare, people are starting to turn on Mr. Galavis

By John Boone Feb 06, 2014 12:04 AMTags
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This season of The Bachelor hasn't been all lovey-dovey rose ceremonies and humping in a hot tub. Instead, it has been a rose ceremony trail of tears and humping in the ocean. And nothing gay…GROSS. 

On this week's episode, Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis was paid a late night-early morning visit by hairstylist Clare. The two grown, consenting adults then went for a swim and (probably) had sex (or whatever "pure bliss in every way" means). And then Juan Pablo made Clare feel bad about it, like she had done something wrong, and she cried. 

This comes weeks after Juan Pablo said in an interview that he doesn't think there should be a gay Bachelor because gay people are "more pervert in a sense." He later kinda apologized and said the quotes were taken out of context (they weren't, you can listen to the whole interview here) and that he didn't mean to say "pervert," he meant to say that all gay people are "more affectionate and intense" but it was lost in translation ("pervert" in Spanish is "pervertido" and "intense" is "intenso," so it was very difficult for him as an ESL speaker). 

Still, there are apparently plenty of people who think he's perfect:










But the tide seems to be turning, and more and more people are deciding that Juan Pablo is not perfect. Actually, he might be the worst Bachelor that The Bachelor has ever seen. People like... 

1. This girl, who is Team Clare:

2. This girl, who is not going to like this article:

3. This girl, who doesn't know whether she's more ashamed of Juan Pablo or herself:

4. This girl, who is sick of excuses:

5. This girl, who will be writing a letter to ABC:

6. This girl, who is starting to think maybe Juan Pablo hasn't thought this all through:

7. This girl, who thinks you should wait until there's at least 10 contestants left before you start having sex with them:

8. This girl, who realized it doesn't always get better:

9. And this girl who is scavenging The Bachelorette for replacements:

10. This girl who would rather be getting a root canal:

11. This girl with a DVR:

12. The president and co-founder of the I Hate Juan Pablo club:

13. And this girl who's like, "Yes, I would like to become a member":

14. This girl, who's calling all of you other ladies out:

15. This girl's aunt.

16. This girl, who thinks Juan Pablo may lead to the collapse of civilization as we know it: 

17. This girl, who's making it official:

18. And this girl who actually just thinks he's boring.

And there's plenty more where that came from:

Why, you can vote right here in the comments section! Weigh in: Is Juan Pablo a manipulative, misogynistic, homophobic, slut-shaming, douchey piece of garbage man? Or would you like to have perfect sex with him in the sea in Vietnam?