Team USA's Sarah Hendrickson is a world champion ski jumper with a whole lot on her plate right now, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have time for normal, 19-year-old things like having a favorite Hollywood crush.

So which A-list actor does she think is cute? "Bradley Cooper," reveals Sarah. Clearly she has good taste in guys. The American Hustle actor is up for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor this year.

Sarah also revealed who she would want to play her in the movie of her life. "Sarah Hyland," says Sarah. "I just think she's hilarious." We can totally see the resemblance! She'd be perfect to play Sarah. Plus, they even have the same name.

Sarah also dished on what type of music she and her Olympic team blast to get their energy up. "We listen to a lot of Ke$ha," says Sarah. "It gets us excited. We sing along, and going into a competition it gets us amped up." 

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