Justin Bieber Skateboards, Plays Hockey in Atlanta Amid Claims He Was "Extremely Abusive" to Private Flight Crew

Singer follows up raucous Super Bowl weekend with a trip to Georgia focused on fitness

By Rebecca Macatee Feb 05, 2014 9:10 PMTags

Justin Bieber must've needed some Southern hospitality after his Super Bowl weekend in New York and New Jersey, so he made his way down to Atlanta!

On Tuesday, Feb. 4, the Biebs tweeted and retweeted several snaps of himself playing ice hockey at the Mariette Ice Center in East Cobb (a suburb of the ATL). He also Instagrammed video from the rink and a clip of some friends skateboarding at a local park. All the guys in these clips seemed happy to have the 19-year-old in their midst, but not everyone who's been around Justin lately feels the same.


Case in point?  The flight crew on the private plane carrying the Canadian singer from Toronto to New Jersey's Teterboro Airport on Friday, Jan. 31, didn't exactly come down with Bieber fever.

Per an official police report obtained by Today national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen, the captain warned the passengers, including Justin, "on several occasions to stop smoking marijuana." Justin admitted to police to smoking pot and drinking, but was let go after a search of the plane came up empty. The pilots were reportedly forced to wear oxygen masks to avoid getting any sort of high from the alleged smoke in the air.


The captain also warned Justin and his fellow passengers (which included his father Jeremy Bieber) to "stop their harassing behavior toward the flight attendant." This flight attendant went on to tell authorities that Justin and his father were "extremely abusive verbally" and caused her to take refuge near the cockpit.

Per the police report, the alleged abuse was not physical or sexual, and the crew is not pressing charges against the pop star. The flight attendant, however, stated she refuses to work another flight with Justin or his dad.  (Justin's reps have not responded to E! News' request for comment.)

That's not to say, though, that the Biebs hasn't gotten a talking to about the headlines he's making lately. Manager Scooter Braun tweeted a screenshot of his Monday, Feb 3, FaceTime chat with the Biebs, showing both men looking a bit confused/concerned during what he described as a "good talk."


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Fortunately, though, Justin seems to be on better behavior down in Georgia.

The Atlanta Knights hockey team's general manager Scott Hilton told E! News the singer, who played for the team four seasons ago when he was recording his first album, called in on Monday and asked if he could join the guys on the ice.

"He just wanted to get a little exercise and get back on the skates," said the team GM, adding that the players were happy to have him there, everyone was well-behaved and there were no problems.


The Biebs got even more fitness in at a local hotel gym, where a witness says he lifted weights—shirtless!—with his entourage in tow.

He also appears to have spent some quality time with T-Pain in the studio—or, at least the game room of the studio. The rapper Instagrammed two pictures of the pair "working" (smiling for a pic) and playing video games together.

Maybe while the Biebs is in Atlanta, he'll have a little heart-to-heart with his mentor and friend Usher before he heads back to court next week—and again in March.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum and Lindsay Scheinberg