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What does your phone say about your sex life? Well, if your home screen features apps such as OK Cupid, Grindr, Tinder, Blendr, Match, Scruff, etc. and so forth, it means you're looking for it. Because we know you're not on Tinder looking for love—do you really think you're going to right swipe your soul mate?

But the type of phone you use may actually mean something too: A study commissioned by Match.com and published by Buzzfeed reveals that iPhone users have more sex, but Android users have better sex. 

(BlackBerry users fall into the better sex camp. We don't know who's having sex with someone who still uses a BlackBerry though.)

The study, which polled 5,329 single people in the United Sates, inquired about "thoughts and behaviors on sex and dating" while also posing "questions like what phone they use, how they identify politically, and where they live."

(FYI, Libertarians think about sex the most.)

The results: Android users are more likely to have an orgasm during sex (55 percent say they orgasm 90-100% of the time vs. iPhone's 48 percent). But iPhone users are more likely to be having sex in the first place (55 percent said they had sex once per month for the last year vs. Android's 51 percent).

Android users have also had more threesomes and one-night stands then iPhone users. Which means that when Android users are having sex, they're making it count. Let yo' freak flags fly, Android users!



And for anyone with a phone hoping to have more sex this year, this new app that will help you find strangers to bang in an airplane lavatory! The app is called Wingman and it's been dubbed "Tinder for Airplanes."

Wingman "connects you with attractive people on your flight, all before you touch down." Their site continues, "It doesn't have to be awkward to meet someone on a flight. We'll connect you, you figure out the rest."

(Sidebar: Is it really that hard to connect with someone face to face? With everyone meeting on apps these days, no one ever has to face rejection face-to-face. But is that a good thing? Just a thought to ponder while you're surfing the web for sex.)

Creator Gabe Whaley tells Animal New York he thinks it's "incredibly unrealistic" that people will use his app to join the Mile High Club. But where there's a will, there's a way. And we bet all those horny Android users will figure it out. 

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