Hercules Storm, New York

Allison Joyce/Getty Images

Full disclosure: it's 70 degrees here in Los Angeles. Again. So we're not going to pretend to know how frustrated everyone else in the country feels with the countless days of crappy weather and nonstop snow. Sure, a lot of us here in Southern California are originally from other parts of the country and we have definitely experienced snow and awful weather, but like we said, right now we're sitting here looking at the sunlight and feeling the warm breezes. So, go ahead and flip off your computer screen. We won't begrudge you.

But we want to take this time to allow everyone else to vent about this winter storm that just doesn't want to end. That stupid groundhog said six more weeks of winter?! People are probably thisclose to losing their minds altogether and starting a full-out war against frozen precipitation. Some places in the Midwest are experiencing below zero temps and you can't even go outside for more than a couple seconds. Stir crazy, thy name is America.

You are not alone. Just check out all these people from across the country who have had quite enough of this terrible weather. And there's plenty of photographic proof that everyone else is experiencing the same snow/sleet/cold crap you are:

The point is this all sucks. So let's vent. How cold is it by you? How have you managed to stay sane? Do you have a horror story about this weather? And when friends in warmer climates send you pics of their current temperatures, what's your response? (Besides the obligatory "F--K YOU!") This is a safe space, so we'll meet you downstairs in the comments to talk things out and maybe we'll all feel better. Or maybe this will make everything worse. That's a risk we'll have to take.

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