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Before we cry bitch on Selena Gomez for stealing the sweater right off Taylor Swift's back, is there a chance the "Trouble" singer gave this cozy piece to her pop star counter part? The two are total buds who both live in LA. Maybe there was a secret clothing swap party among young lady vocalists? We can picture it now...Tay-Tay and the "Come & Get It" singer make even trades while Demi Lovato sits with her ten pair of leather leggings offering in the corner.

God we would give anything to be at that party...

But on the off chance that our celeb-filled fantasy isn't true, we have to judge this moment as a steal. Like many face-offs, this one is going to come down to the shoes and accessories.

Are The Getaway star's sexy black booties a better take than the "Red" belters classic white Keds? They certainly dress the torn top up, but does Selena take it a little too far with a tight bun and dangly earrings. We think we prefer Taylor's loose locks and Ray Bans. Why do we feel like Demi would have done an all-around better job with these pieces?

In lieu of her take, we'll call Selena's hot approach the winner. Agree or disagree?

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Who looks better in her starry sweater?
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