Rachel Frederickson, Biggest Loser


On a reality series that is solely dedicated to losing weight, how much is too much?

Last night, viewers were shocked to see that 24-year-old finalist, Rachel Frederickson, was crowned as the season 15 champion of The Biggest Loser. So why all the outrage?

The L.A. native, who started off the series weighing 260 pounds, debuted her terrifying tiny frame of 105 pounds—a 59.62 percent loss of her original body weight. In an attempt to win the coveted $250,000 prize, Rachel now weighs a staggering 12 pounds less than the ideal healthy weight for a girl of her size, according to Weight Watchers.

This is certainly not the first time a controversy has rocked a realty series, and it definitely won't be the last…

In fact, earlier this season, The Biggest Loser's head trainer Jillian Michaels was caught breaking the rules on by handing out caffeine pills to her team members without permission from a doctor. This sneaky behavior caused her team to be punished with a four pound disadvantage at weigh-in, but Ruben Studdard was allowed back in the competition.

Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson also recently grabbed headlines when the patriarch was suspended from the series after anti-gay remarks he made in an interview with GQ, including grouping homosexuality in with bestiality as deviant behavior. And of course, don't forget The Bachelor's Juan Pablo Galavis and his remarks that a gay bachelor would not be a "good example for kids."

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