Next, Now, Never

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It's happens the same way every time: Just when you think you've gotten a handle on the top trends, poof—they've gone and changed.

Luckily you've come to exactly the right place if you're looking to keep track of all the ever-changing trends. So sit back, relax and stay awhile.

From jewelry trends to the latest pop culture craze, we've got all the scoop on what's hot right this moment. We've also got the info on what trends are dead and gone, too.

Keep reading to find out what trends are next, now or never to be again.

NEXT: Stacked Rings

Remember when "arm parties" were huge? Everyone was stacking bangles from their wrists to their forearms and you could hear them jingling from a mile away. But now instead of bracelets, it's all about ring stacking. Beyoncé accessorized her white lace Michael Costello gown at the Grammys with stacked Lorraine Schwartz rings, and if Bey did it, well, then you know it's the next big thing.

NOW: Binge Watching TV

If you've stayed in all weekend long, glued to the couch with a pile of Chinese takeout in front of you binge-watching Breaking Bad, you're not alone. TV is all about instant gratification these days. Especially with Netflix series like House of Cards that are released all at once, for your binging pleasure. The second season just premiered, and even though we'll try to savor the episodes, we're pretty positive we'll binge watch.

NEVER: Tanning Beds

Sorry, Snooki. With all the countless research studies out there linking UV rays to skin cancer, tanning beds are officially kaput. Premature aging is pretty much the best-case scenario here. And the worst? Melanoma. Plus, with so many new creams, sprays and gels on the market that give you a natural glow, there's just no reason to ever resort to a cancerous tanning bed.

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